• this module is based on semtech lorawan concentrator reference design -- sx1301 reference board- pcb_e286v02a. it is a high performance lora/lorawan module based on semtech sx1301 and sx1255/1257.
  • the sx1301 digital baseband chip is a massive digital signal processing engine specifically designed to offer breakthrough gateway capabilities in the ism bands worldwide. the lora concentrator is a multi-channel high performance transmitter/receiver designed to simultaneously receive several lora packets using random spreading factors on random channels. its goal is to enable robust connection between a central wireless data concentrator and a massive amount of wireless end-points spread over a very wide range of distances.
  • the sx1301 is a smart baseband processor for long range ism communication. in the receiver part, it receives i and q digitized bitstream from one or two receivers (sx1255 as an example), demodulates these signals using several demodulators, adapting the demodulators settings to the received signal and stores the received demodulated packets in a fifo to be retrieved from a mcu. in the transmitter part, the packets are modulated using a programmable (g)fsk/lora modulator and sent to one transmitter (sx1255 as an example). received packets can be time-stamped using a gps input.
  • the sx1301 has an internal control block that receives microcode from the mcu. the microcode is provided by semtech as a binary file to load in the sx1301 at power-on .

parameter min typ.  max unite condition
working condition
working voltage range 2.9 5.0 5.5 v  
temperature voltage -40   85  
current consumption
receiving current   <340   ma @9 channels all open
transmitting current   <480   ma @24dbm
sleep current   <35   ma  
frequency range 429 433 440 mhz @433mhz
470 480 490 mhz @470mhz
860.75 868.3 874.5 mhz @868mhz
902 915 928 mhz @915mhz
output power  0   24 dbm  
receiving sensitivity   -133   dbm @sf=10,,bw=125khz


  • lora long range module technology
  • half-duplex
  • simultaneously receive lora packets
  • dual digital tx & rx radio front-end
  • dynamic data-rate adaptation (adr)
  • multi lora spreading factor
  • maximum 10 channels
  • 8 x multi sf lora channels (sf7 to sf12 with125khz bandwidth)
  • 1x lora channel (bandwidth 125/250/500khz)
  • 1 x fsk channel


  • smart city
  • smart metering ( water, electric, gas meter )
  • agricultural monitoring
  • irrigation control
  • internet of things (iot)
  • m2m
  • wireless sensors
  • wireless alarm and security systems
pin definition type description
1 5v power (vcc) power supply
2 gpio4 input/output




gpio of sx1301

3 gpio3 input/output
4 gpio2 input/output
5 gpio1 input/output
6 gpio0 input/output
7 sck input sck of sx1301 (max 10 mhz clock)
8 miso output miso of sx1301
9 mosi input mosi of sx1301
10 gps_in input gps_in of sx1301
11 csn input csn of sx1301
12 gnd power (gnd) ground
13 reset input reset of sx1301
14 gnd power (gnd) ground
15 nc   reserved
16 gnd gnd of antenna  
17 antenna antenna  
18 gnd gnd of antenna  


接口 spi
输出功率 250mw
模式 网关