lorawan gateway sx1301 rf module lg1301-凯时官网下载

  • lg1301-se is the lorawan gateway. it works with lorawan node ln610 only.it integrates standard lorawan protocol v1.0 class c.
  • when lg1301-se received data from ln610, lg 1301-se will output the rf data and device addr of ln610 to serial interface. when serial data with device addr of target ln610 inputted to lg1301-se, it will send the serial data to target ln610.
  • all the wireless communication comply the lorawan protocol. it is easy to build a lorawan network without knowing how lorawan works.

parameter min typ.  max unite condition
working condition
working voltage range 5 12 30 v  
temperature voltage -40   85  
current consumption
receiving current   <280   ma @12v,9 channels all open
transmitting current   <450   ma @12v,tx=24dbm
frequency range 429 433 440 mhz @433mhz
470 480 490 mhz @470mhz
860.75 868.3 874.5 mhz @868mhz
902 915 928 mhz @915mhz
output power  0   24 dbm  
receiving sensitivity   -133   dbm @sf=10,,bw=125khz

★ note: the following parameters is vcc = 3.3, with 50 ohm copper axis test instrumentation.


  • lorawan protocol supported
  • uart interface
  • aes128 encryption
  • 8 channel communication simultaneously
  • configurable parameters
  • otaa & abp
  • long range
  • adr
  • eu433m / eu868m / kr920m / as923m / cn780m/ cn470m / us915m / as915m


  • smart city
  • smart metering ( water, electric, gas meter )
  • agricultural monitoring
  • irrigation control
  • internet of things (iot)
  • m2m
  • wireless sensors
  • wireless alarm and security systems
no. definition description
1 set press to enter/exit setting mode
2 power in voltage input dc 5~30v
3 data interface ttl or rs232 ,rs485 interface three choices
4 micro usb system parameter configuration
5 power led green led , indication of powered on
6 led for tx/rx red led blinks once when tx one packet and blue led blinks once when one packet is received and verified ok.
7 led for status light on in setting mode, and blinks once per second in normal mode
8 antenna connected with 50 antenna


definition of data interface
no. definition type description
1 3.3v power (vcc) dc 5~30v input
2 gnd power (gnd) ground
3 txd output connected with the rxd of external device
4 rxd input connected with the txd of external device



接口 uart
输出功率 250mw
模式 网关