lorawan gateway transmitter and receiver rf module lg1301-凯时官网下载

  • lg1301-pf is the lorawan gateway. it can work with any lorawan node which comply standard lorawan protocol v1.0.
  • the gateway use linux platform as host.it mainly consists of concentrator ,gps module ,wifi and ethernet. the gps module send nmea frames containing time and geographical coordinates data to the host. the gps module also output one pulse to the sx1301 per second.
  • the gateway receives the rf data from nodes and sends to the server. it also receive data from the server and transmit to the nodes. the gateway connects to the server via ethernet or wifi.

parameter min typ.  max unite condition
working condition
working voltage range 5 12 30 v  
temperature voltage -40   85  
current consumption
receiving current   <280   ma @12v,9 channels all open
transmitting current   <450   ma @12v,tx=24dbm
frequency range 429 433 440 mhz @433mhz
470 480 490 mhz @470mhz
860.75 868.3 874.5 mhz @868mhz
902 915 928 mhz @915mhz
output power 0   24 dbm  
receiving sensitivity   -133   dbm @sf=10,,bw=125khz


  • lorawan protocol supported
  • uart interface
  • aes128 encryption
  • 8 channel communication simultaneously
  • configurable parameters
  • gps support
  • long range
  • eu433m / eu868m / kr920m / as923m / cn780m/ cn470m / us915m / as915m


  • smart city
  • smart metering ( water, electric, gas meter )
  • agricultural monitoring
  • irrigation control
  • internet of things (iot)
  • m2m
  • wireless sensors
  • wireless alarm and security systems


no. definition description
1 set press to enter/exit setting mode
2 power input 9~30v
3 rj45 connect to the internet
4 micro usb connect to pc for configuration
5 power led green led, indication of powered on.
6 gps led green led, indication of the gps module is running.
7 status led light on in setting mode, and blinks once per second in normal mode
8 lorawan ant connected with antenna for lora rf radio.
9 wifi ant connected with antenna for wifi.
10 gps ant connected with antenna for gps module.




接口 ethernet
输出功率 250mw
模式 网关